Meitrack GPS Trackers Compatible with Major Fuel Level Sensors

Metirack announces that its vehicle trackers are compatible with most popular fuel level sensors in the industry, including the resistive fuel level sensor, CLS sensor, LLS sensor, and ultrasonic fuel level sensor.  Meitrack engineers have developed A53 fuel level sensors, CLS sensors, and ultrasonic fuel level sensors which provides protocol support for LLS sensors.

These fuel level sensors can be connected to our vehicle trackers and transmit measured value of fuel level. The A53 fuel level sensor features cost-effectiveness and can be compatible with all trackers with analog ports.  Meanwhile, the CLS sensor and ultrasonic fuel level sensor are known for their accuracy and a high degree of reliability. Also, the CLS sensor can be compatible with all trackers with analog ports.


Concerning the three self-developed fuel level sensors, Mr. Liu Kejian, Meitrack president, said that they are the result of many years of the company’s experience in the market of transport telematics. He added, “The fuel level sensors designed are to extend our vehicle tracker applications and satisfy the increasing demand of transport telematics for upgraded reliability and enhanced data accuracy.”

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