PTCRB Certification: MT90G Personal GPS Tracker

The MT90G GPS tracker has passed the PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) certification. This certification verifies that the MT90G meets the cellular network standards within the PTCRB Operators’ networks.  It is a huge step that Meitrack will use to expand its business in the North American market.

The MT90G is the world’s smallest full frequency band 3G personal tracker, which is specially designed for easy use. This makes it perfect for the elderly, children, and lone workers.  Having only two simple buttons, it is one of the most user friendly GPS trackers in the world today. One key built in feature is the man down alert. This feature activates when the device falls to the ground, a sms alert along with call is automatically placed to a designated person.

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What is PTCRB?

The PTCRB was established in 1997 as the certification forum by select North American cellular operators. The purpose of the PTCRB is to provide the framework within GERAN, UTRAN, and E-UTRAN device certification which can take place for members of the PTCRB.  Devices which are not certified may not be able to obtain service when roaming onto a network.

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