GPS Fleet Tracking System Aids the Fight Against Big Snow Storms

A snow storm is a problem every winter for almost areas all over the world, it can be a difficult time for many who need to get to work or school. Now GPS tracking is being used to help handle massive snow pile-up troubles and make snow removal quick and easy. In Japan, at the beginning of 2018, Meitrack GPS fleet tracking system was installed inside snow plow trucks to help the plows do their tasks more efficiently and clear out snow.


Thanks to GPS tracking system, fleet managers in the office can remotely monitor, manage, and dispatch snow plow trucks in real time. They can easily locate the snow plows, know which direction they are going, estimated time of arrival at job sites, and even which roads have been plowed. If the control center receives an emergency service call, fleet managers can effectively dispatch the closest truck and provide employees with the most efficient and safest routes. Knowing this information can help snow plow operators to complete jobs as quickly as possible. Managers can also view reports on live and historical snow removal routes from the MS03 platform, which will help them identify missed snow removal routes and most importantly help prevent any overlaps in vehicle dispatching.

The benefits of snow plow GPS fleet tracking:
1. Improve employee safety
2. Increase fleet productivity
3. Optimize fleet management
4. Cut fuel costs

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