Meitrack Deploys Wireless Bluetooth Technology for T399-GFB5

Meitrack has recently deployed the wireless Bluetooth technology for the vehicle GPS tracker T399-GFB5 to offer a comprehensive one-stop fleet tracking solution. Now each item is on progress positively and a batch of samples will soon publish in August.


During fresh produce transportation, the T399-GFB5 works with Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor, Bluetooth beacon, and the web-based or app-based MS03 platform to provide one-stop delivery services and guarantee the security of transportation. With the installation of this tracking system inside trucks, fleet managers can constantly monitor what is happening inside or around the shipping containers on the platform, get the exact location of the trucks and real-time temperature and humidity inside the containers, remotely manage and dispatch the trucks, and monitor the whole farm produce delivery process at all times. If farm produce is stolen or replaced during transportation or goes out of the preset Bluetooth communication range, the Bluetooth beacon attached will trigger a cargo loss alert. When the temperature and humidity inside the containers exceeds preset values, an alert will be pushed to fleet managers, so that they can remotely take immediate action to minimize the loss.

Key benefits of the Wireless Bluetooth Solution:
1. Track trucks anytime and anywhere through Bluetooth or GPS
2. Monitor the whole farm produce delivery process
3. Improve delivery efficiency
4. Enhance the security of transportation
5. Configure the T399-GFB5 through Bluetooth

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