Chinese Law Enforcement Agency Uses Meitrack GPS Tracking System to Fight against Crimes

As major technology initiatives of the previous Chinese Law Enforcement Agency have been impactful, the deployment of new technologies has emerged to assist in the fight against crime. With the implementation of the Meitrack GPS Tracking System, police officers are provided with an opportunity to be monitored for quality and safety measures that will position them to complete their duties adequately. With access to SOS, speakers, and high power microphone, law enforcement will be equipped with high-quality technology to make their jobs not only more seamless but safer as well without interference. This new instrument also allows the vital function of data transmission with a high confidentiality level. Within this realm of technology, the device is unable to perform if lost or stolen. With no way of being hacked, it protects the positioning and identity of our police officers and presents the opportunity for continued success.


In the new feature of facilitating assignment and personnel management, the multifunctional portable device P88L in this system creates a fast track for ensuring that constant communication can be made and handled in real-time no matter the situation. While ensuring safety remains the top priority, concise and immediate action is necessary for keeping streets free from crime. With the application of this solution, results can appear immediately in how it serves the force and helps to reduce the amount of work it would normally take to get that type of tracking communication accomplished manually.

Law Enforcement is and will always remain an information business. The further essential information we can receive from this tracking system, the more we can achieve in the daily efforts to serve our communities.

Case information:
Model: P88L
Region: China
The first order quantity: 8000 Pieces
Partner: Chinese Law Enforcement Agency

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