With 20+ years of experience in telematics and IoT solutions, strong R&D capabilities, and rich supply chain resources, Meitrack can not only produce diverse standard products to meet diversified IoT requirements, but also can design and customize products tailored to customers’ unique needs. For customized projects, we have formulated a comprehensive customization process, which helps customers meet their business needs and advance their business development by using practical IoT approaches.

Agriculture (Lora)

LoRa, an abbreviation for long range, is a patented digital wireless data communication technology of Semtech Corporation. It uses license-free radio frequency bands to provide long-range data transmission of up to 15 kilometers with low power consumption. The LoRa wireless communication scheme based on spread spectrum techniques features long distance, low power, multiple nodes and low cost, and no SIM card is required.

Armored Vehicle

Armored bank vehicles are frequently exposed to high risks of hijacking and violent attacks. To detect or prevent crimes and stop them in progress, Meitrack introduces the mobile video surveillance solution for the cash-in-transit vans. Our hardware products are designed to serve as a comprehensive solution through continuous recording in and around the vehicle, GPS tracking, on-board live look-in capabilities, and a number of accessories to cater to unique needs. In addition, the MS03 platform can be tailor-designed to support businesses.

Staff Bus

As shuttle buses are widely recognized by the public, nowadays a growing number of employers provide shuttle bus services for their employees. How to ensure that employees on the road have a safe journey is a critical pain point that employers need to address. To respond to this pain point, Meitrack introduces an employee shuttle bus security solution. This solution supports video surveillance, GPS tracking, and multiple accessories, thus enhancing the safety of employees and reducing operating costs.

Logistics Vehicle

Meitrack logistics vehicle security solution aims to resolve logistics vehicle problems of operation and security management. With the solution, the main parts inside and outside the vehicle, the vehicle running status, and vehicle driving routes are monitored in real time. The MD500S AI MDVR works with the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS) to reduce accident rates. This solution is specially designed to meet logistics enterprises’ requirements for vehicle supervision, emergency incident response and vehicle dispatching and makes sure that the cargos reach the destination in a timely and safe manner, thus improving transportation efficiency.

DLT Project in Thailand

As the development of 4G communication modules, cost-effective 4G telematics terminals can replace 3G terminals completely. To respond to the DLT policy issued by the Ministry of Transport of Thailand, Meitrack customized a magnetic card reader for its first 3G vehicle tracker T333 in 2011. So far, we have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in DLT projects. This year, we will invest more energy in developing 4G terminals to meet the requirements of DLT project and introducing cost-effective hardware solutions for different industries in Thailand.


With cost-effective software and hardware customization services, Meitrack’s vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solution is designed to resolve the maintenance, management, and safety issues of vehicles in car sharing and car rental industries. This solution allows car sharing or car rental service providers to obtain the location and status of cars in real time, monitor driving behaviors and areas where the cars are driven, and remotely cut off the power supply to prevent cars from being stolen. This solution also improve the user experience of car finding and car return.

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